Body Language of Someone in Love

One of the first changes that love brings in a person’s life is in his/ her body language. Love; the most intimate and purest expression of human life, is what everyone wants, needs but nobody works for it. Love has become more illogical and is no more considered to be practical. But, to people who are stung by it, has a complete new definition for it. Life takes a whole new turn for them. In this cut-throat world, where every emotion is on sale, where no one does good for anyone without garnering any selfish motive, love is the only emotion that makes and teaches a person to be selfless.

body language of lovers

Post Romeo-Juliet time, love has started to be associated more with sex. People hardly understand or know which is the extension of which. Love is the ultimate gift of God to humans. Consider the body language of someone in love, and you will find why Beatles sang, ‘all you need is love!’  If you are trying to contemplate if you’re in love or not, then this article will interest you. As we see the change that people experience in their life just by falling in love with being in love!

1. Beauty Magnified:

The beauty in the world seems to be directly appealing to you when you are in love. You might be taking the same route to your school, college or office, but something changes in your ways of viewing things around you. You will notice that suddenly, you will become more observing towards everything around you.

The trees around you will look like they are opening their arms to you, as if to embrace you. The chirping sound of the birds will sound like a sweet, love song. The smell in the air will remind you of the smell of your beloved, thus making you feel his/ her presence everywhere you go. The sun, the moon, the stars, all of sudden you will become interested in the constellations! Don’t worry; you won’t be losing your mind. Love will make you more attentive towards the world, towards the nature around you. So enjoy being in love and don’t be surprised if you didn’t realise that trees look more beautiful when they are covered with brown leaves!

2. Say Cheese:

Smile is the first expression which love brings out in a person. How? Have you been smiling lately on issues that would otherwise make you feel sad? Are you smiling at times without any reason? Well, chances are that the cupid has played his game. It has been out from a research that people, who are in love, smile more than the people who are not.

A smile reflects a good state of mind. People who are in love have a tremendously good state of mind which makes them smile more often than others. They smile when it is necessary; they smile when it isn’t. It doesn’t make a person insane who smiles at everything, but it gives them a very positive approach. The complicated things start to look uncomplicated for a person in love. This certainly calls for a big smile!

3. Making Melody In My Heart:

This one is common for everyone who is or ever has been in love. The songs sound more personalised. Every word in the lyrics seems to be telling your story or speaking your mind or speaking about your love. People are drawn more towards soft music when they are in love. Artists like James Blunt, John Mayer etc. find a place in your iPods.

Music has the power to unravel the strongest emotions in a person. They stir up their hearts, so that the conscious of a person can be appealed. When music combines with beautiful poetry, then the songs strike a universal chord which reaches and touches the hearts of people it was intended for.

4. Complete:

Love makes a person contend. The innermost longing of every human being is to be loved. A person who is in love can only understand how complete it feels from inside. You are no more bothered about petty issues that otherwise used to consume your time and energy.

Most people are grouchy by nature. Love has the power to change people. When a person feels complete, they become thankful and happier. They don’t waste their time in petty issues like being angry throughout the day because you missed your train to office and had to hear a lot from your boss. Love doesn’t take away problems, but it certainly takes away your attitude which keeps the problems hanging for long time.

5. Change:

It is not said in vain that, love can change a beast into a man! Love has power to change people. Love in itself is a power; the effect it can cause on the individual is entirely on them. You might have witnessed some people change for bad because they had or have been or are in love with a person who is not meant for them. Love in the hands of wrong people can destroy lives.

Whereas, the other side of the coin is this that love changes people for good too. People are able to give up bad habits like smoking, drinking, anger etc. only through the love and perseverance of a loving partner. It brings out the best side in a person. People who are in love also learn new things very fast. Love instils passion in a person, which makes them learn new things, give up bad habits, become more caring, have a positive attitude, become patient, learn to be kind etc.

6. Responsible:

Love is a responsibility. Responsibility is a vast topic in itself and so it was not included in the above topic of change. You must have noticed or witnessed around you, how people shy away from responsibility. A person who is in love becomes more responsible. Every action, every step of that person will either bring him/ her close to their love or away from their love. You will automatically learn to weigh your actions when you are in love.

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