Birthday Party Themes for Men

It’s your guy’s birthday and you wish to throw a party for him. You feel like showering your love on him on his birthday. You are ready with the guest list for the party! You know all those people whom your guy loves to be with. You want a theme party for your guy. You want to decide the theme before sending across the invitations and preparing for the party. You know you want a theme that your guy can best enjoy; a theme where he can be casual and at his best. So, you go through various manuals and brainstorm with your male and female friends. But, the ideas are all stale. You wish for refreshed and renewed ideas. Coming to your help are some great ideas which, if you go on to implement, will make your party a hit and get your guy smiling.


1. Vegas at Home

Haven’t you been amazed and happy about being in a casino in Vegas? It was an amazing experience, right? Now, get that entire Casino look and feel at home. It’s all about creating the Vegas look and feel at your home. You can decorate your entire place with fake chips, cards and money – giving it an interesting look. You can make your guests play games using this fake stuff. You can gift them goodies on winning. The look and feel of your place should resemble a casino. Make sure the lights are dim. The attire should be completely the casino ones, where men go wearing a black tuxedo, pocket watches – while women are seen sporting lovely gowns with a clutch and matching accessories. You could serve your guests with champagne or a cocktail.

2. Get the Nautical Build

Every man has dreamt of being a sailor at some point in time! You can fulfil his dream by creating the nautical set-up to celebrate his birthday. Throw a nautical theme party this year on your guy’s birthday. You can have a birthday cake that has a ship embossed on it. The table can have a lot of lanterns that are closely wounded together with the rope that twines. Get the sailor caps for all the people attending the party! Nice pictures with the sea background, collection of sea shells and sea flowers make up for the decoration part. You could serve good sea food along with cocktails for the party. The entire design of the party should match up the nautical style.

3. Barbecue on The Sea-Side


This is an excellent way of bringing in your guy’s birthday. You can either book a pool side place or, if you stay near the beach – this is the best theme for you. Get some grills and sausages to beat the heat. You can store some nice chilled beer. Get those relaxing seats along where you can sit and relax. You can set up tables along the beach area where you deck the table up to set it for the barbecue. The attire should be a pair of shorts and T-Shirt. Grill your sausages sipping beer along with it. Nothing can please your guy more than this. You can send an invite with the barbeque theme drawn on it. Don’t forget to wear your barbeque hats.

4. The Sporting Theme

Guys love sports! This is a universal fact, one that you can never turn your back on. How about giving your guy the best sport theme party on his birthday? You could select the sports you want the party to be themed on. The most ideal theme would be a baseball theme. You can send the invites with the theme figures on the invite cards. If your guy is an avid fan of baseball, he must have a favourite team. You could decorate the entire place in the colors of the team. Get the baseball bats and balls to set the theme perfectly. People attending the party should be dressed in the baseball attire of their favourite team. This would give your party the needed boost. Nice cool Mojitos with a good mix of salads and food can be served for dinner. This theme would surely make the party lively.

5. The Rustic Themed Party

What does the word Rustic mean to you? Does it send across the images of a barn or maybe a vineyard to your mind? Well, the old cottage rum or a nice bar in the old rustic style, all scream out “the rustic theme”. You can actually plan your guy’s birthday based on a rustic theme! This would make up for an interesting theme. You can have this party along the old vineyards or maybe arrange for a barn like settlement to have this party. You can create the whole beer bar atmosphere in there. The attire should be the ones that you would ideally wear to a rustic bar. The 90s rock would essentially be the best music to recreate the rustic atmosphere in the town. You could have a make-shift bar with a counter and nice long seating arrangement. You could even hire a bartender for the night. Allow him to make the cocktails and serve to the guests. The dance floor should give away a lot of dances tonight. Would it not be fun to have a rustic theme for the party?

6. The Beer Taster’s Theme

This is your theme to a great party! Have you been to a vineyard tasting event? Create a party that is similar themed. You get the classic and the best beers in the town. Make your guy and his friends taste the beer and comment on them. You can even remove the label and make them guess the brand. You could have a lot of fun over a beer party. You can serve some sea food along with the beer. The attire for this party would be completely casual. You can have a sea side party or, at your place only.

From these various theme parties suggested, choose one and, start making preparations for that dream party for your guy.

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