Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Birthdays are the most memorable day of your life. Everyone wishes his or her birthday to be more special than the last time and be something that they will relive in their future. People try a lot of ideas in order to make their birthday a special one. Girls are too concerned about their birthday party as it is the perfect time for them to do all the flaunting with her friends. Honestly speaking¸ I have attended birthday parties of girls where the budget would be too much as if it is for the president’s daughter but has the same old pattern. It will be very easy for you to impress your girlfriend if you are familiar with different birthday party ideas for girls. If you also believe that the birthday parties can be no more than the normal party outings, you got to go through this article for some really cool birthday party ideas for girls. These ideas are not that expensive at and are absolutely filled with fun and excitement.

1. Movie Time

Movie Time

This will surely be one of the most successful party ideas when you plan your daughter’s birthday next time. You can take your girls for a movie plus a dinner of their choice. Prepare all things beforehand so that things don’t get messed up at the final moment. You can even allow the girls to call their best friends, so that they can enjoy to the fullest on their special day. If possible allow the girls to enjoy in the theater and let them sit where they love to but always be keep an eye on them. After the movie, you can let them enjoy with their friends and till the time you can order the dinner. This idea will be a complete success and one to cherish all your life.

2. Kidnap Party

Kidnap Party

This one is from my interesting blog visitor “Mr Smith”. Recently he shared his daughter’s birthday party idea on my page, trust me it was a complete thrill to even read it. The most important thing about this trick is that even the parents are involved in it. All you need to do is prepare a list of the guests that you wish to invite for the birthday party. Now take your kid along with you to the guest’s home at about 3 or 4 in the morning. Yes you guessed it totally right. Your guests will be in pajamas, so just grab them out of the bed and get them the way they are.

Once you done with the kidnapping and all the guests are home, you can call out for a delicious breakfast. By the time parents will have their meal, kids can open their gifts. If the parents of the guest kids know about the plan well in before, they can give any gifts to the birthday teen. This party idea sounds a real fun and can be done at all ages.

3. Backyard Rain Dance

Backyard Rain Dance

One of my favorite and the one I’m going to certainly try. For such a party, all you need is a good music arrangement with fancy dance floor in your backyard. If it rains on the special day its good but you can even use artificial sprinklers for the rain effect. Call your friends and together you guys can have superb rain dance. Don’t forget to make a great playlist of dance numbers and the selected ones for your BFFs.

You can even add to the party by making it a fancy dress rain dance party. If your parents allow then you can even get alcohol and other food beverages. But remember alcohol in girl’s party can lead up to some unnecessary situations, so better avoid it.

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