Birthday Messages For Friends

Your birthday is without doubt the most significant day in your life. You eagerly look forward to this special day every year in as you get one more chance to look back in retrospection at the bygone years of your life. Every subsequent birthday gives you the opportunity to make a fresh beginning in your life and take the setbacks in your stride.

A birthday therefore, is unlike any other day in the life of an individual. On your birthday, you’re the cynosure of all eyes as everybody’s attention is focussed on you. Your long-time friends, office colleagues, family members and everybody near and dear to you congratulate you on your birthday and wish you the best in life.

There are so many ways to congratulate someone on his or her birthday and wish that person many happy returns on his or her most momentous day of the year. You can wish a friend or acquaintance of yours by giving him or her something she has a weakness for. It could be anything from a box of chocolates to a set of books by his or her favourite author.

You can gift your friend his or her favourite brand of perfume or footwear. If your buddy happens to be someone who’s passionate about fine or performing arts you can present him or her with tickets to a concert or an art exhibition. But what’d make your gift really unique and distinct from others’ gifts and presents is the message that it bears. The message that you choose to convey to your friend on his or her birthday shows that you really care about your relationship.

There are many Birthday messages for friends that you can pick from different relevant sites on the Internet. Nevertheless, it’ll be a better idea if you can think up of an inventive birthday message yourself. You can make a short list of your creative messages and handpick three or four for writing or imprinting them on the gift pack in a manner that arrest your friend’s attention. Check out the following birthday messages.


  1. Let your — birthday be a memorable one and may this day bring good tidings in your life.
  2. With the passing of one more year in your life on earth, you’ve become older and wiser. You’ve also become a little more spiritual to be bothered with material pleasures like gifts. However, a message that is conveyed without a gift sounds hollow and empty.
  3. As you turn – today, remember that age is just a number. You can be young at heart even at 90. Learn to count your age in terms of the years of experience.
  4. Remember that as you enter the 21st year of your life, there are countless others in the world who’re standing on the threshold of their 21st Earth year. However you’re someone very special to me, therefore I’m wishing you a very happy birthday. The rest of the 2478613 people are plain unlucky to have missed getting a message from me.
  5. Since you’re a very difficult person to please, I could not pick up a birthday gift for you in the limited time I had. Right now, I’m wishing you many happy returns for the day from the bottom of my heart. However, I’ve haven’t given up on the idea of buying a present for you and I’ll send it across the moment I find something worthwhile.
  6. You realise that you’re getting older when you start fretting that candles are more expensive than birthday cakes! Happy Birth Anniversary.
  7.  I take this occasion (birth anniversary) to remind you that you’re one of the few influential persons who’ve made a big difference in my life. You’re special to me not only on your birthday but also on the rest of the days of the year.
  8. Let me tell you quite candidly on your – birthday, that you’re as old as you think. On your birthday, let me wish that you become wiser in terms of experience whilst remaining younger at heart.
  9. Do kids like to be in your company? Do they enjoy being around you? If you answer ‘yes’ to both of these questions, then it means that you’re still a child at heart. You’ve just added on the years without necessarily getting older.
  10. Your heart needs to be really strong to blow out all those candles at one go.
  11. Agreed that Time is the best healer but it’s also the worst beautician that you just can’t get off your back. Here’s wishing you a very prosperous and happy –birth anniversary.
  12. If it’s really true that wisdom comes with age then surely you’ve got to be one of the most astute persons on Earth!
  13. Of all the individuals from whom you expect messages on your birthday, I must be one of them. With that hope, today let me wish you a very happy and prosperous birthday.
  14. Many illustrious persons were born on the same day as yours. If someone asks me to recommend some more names to add to the list of famous persons born on your birthday, I’d surely propose your name.
  15. Just as a bottle of wine or whiskey gets more vintage and valuable over the years, you too seem to get more sagacious with every passing year.
  16. Do you know what your best birth anniversaries are? The ones that are yet to arrive.
  17. On your birthday, I want to offer a piece of valuable advice as a friend. Always wear a smile on your face. Keep smiling as long as you have your 32 teeth intact because you never know when you might lose them.
  18. In the eyes of your parents, you’re an apple. For me, you’re like the cutest and sweetest bunch of strawberries in the world. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday.
  19. I want to give you a standing ovation for sticking with me through thick and thin in all these years. I want to really congratulate you for enduring a person like me for so long. I take this opportunity on the most extraordinary day in your life to wish you that you’re remaining years on earth are prosperous and fulfilling.
  20. I will always keep proclaiming loudly that you’ve more than a friend to me. You’ve been with me in my best of times and never deserted in my worst of times.
  21. You’ve everything in life that a man could ask for-money, glamour and the material things. But there are things in life that one cannot buy with money like peace, happiness, and stability. As your close friend, I wish that you are always happy and remain in the pink of your health throughout your life.
  22. On your birthday today, I fervently hope that all unfulfilled desires in your life come to fruition.
  23. Let me wish on the most meaningful day in your life that you stay close to all those who matter to you.
  24. With every passing year, you seem to be getting more weird, more whacky and without doubt more interesting. However, I like the way you are. Happy birthday.
  25. In this quixotic world that is changing every moment, there is one thing that has always remained constant for me-my friendship with you. On your birthday, I sincerely hope that you don’t change come what may. Happy birthday.
  26. I must be one of the luckiest persons in the world because I have a true friend like you. You’ve given meaning and substance to my life since the day you became my friend. Many happy returns on your birthday.

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