Best Ways of Dealing with Cliques in School

Do you feel like you are living a scene out of the mean girls? It happens when you have to deal with cliques. A popular gang which feels that it owns the world, lives out of gossip and putting others down, clique is the most undesirable version of school gangs. Many of you may wish to avoid getting involved with cliques but, cliques don’t wish to avoid you. Their daily dose of life begins and ends with insulting others and, making them feel that they are nothing. Cliques own the power and status and, are generally feared by many. Most of you would have wished to escape the entire era of cliques. There are those who bunk school, stop studying etc. thanks to the unbearable attitude of cliques towards them. If you are one of them, then it is time that you started dealing with these cliques. Failing and suffering is never the solution to any drama in life. You need to learn to stand up for yourself.


1. Stand Up for Yourself

Yes, cliques are a reality in everyone’s life. There is not a single person who has not been sought after by cliques in some way or the other. If you feel that you are being tormented by the cliques, insulted downright, then it is high time you stand up for yourself. Yes, it is not as easy as it is being said sure! But, it is better than listening to these insults and, demotivating yourself. So, come what may try to ignore these cliques and go on with your life. The moment you can start living your life despite these clique pressures, you know you have won. There’s more to life than teen pressures and, you just cannot allow this to break you. It is time to stand up and learn to fight this adversity of life. Block your ears to the clique words and, they will never affect you.

2. Believe in Yourself

You are the best and, the day you start feeling this you would have won half the game of life. No, this certainly does not mean you grow on to over confidence. You just need to believe in what you do and, your methods of course. Cliques will talk about you for sure. If you are not one of them, you are surely not worth living on this earth is their philosophy of life. But, you don’t need to tread their path of living. Don’t choose to suffocate yourself with the thoughts of what they believe in. You need to create a niche of belief for yourself and, stand by it. Remember, at no point in life do you need other’s opinion or approval for the way you should lead your life. You will meet cliques throughout your life, you just need to go on with the way you do your things.

3. Friends with Cliques: Not a Good Idea

It may seem desirable to be friends with cliques but, you will be at a complete loss with that. So, if a clique offers friendship, try not to get into that kind of group. You might end up ruining your originalities against a lot of fake ones. When you don’t take up the offer, chances are that you would be run against every time your paths are crossed. But, fearing this you cannot let yourself be led by someone else. The fears are understandable but, your life is more important than a few insults. So, even in the most fearful moments don’t plan to join the cliques.

4. Friendship beyond Cliques

You should try to build friends outside the circle of cliques. This would do wonders to your image. The more you start making friends, the more you are acknowledging and voicing the fact that you are fine even despite the existence of cliques. Moreover when you are in your teens, friends are needed as a support system. You need people with whom you can bond and build a trusting relationship. These friendships go a long way. Cliques are definitely not the kind of people with whom you can expect any of those things. So, instead of breaking down and letting yourself fall prey to cliques, start looking for friendship beyond the clique circle.

5. Avoid the Junkies

It is not at all acceptable that you turn to junk or harmful substances just to cure you out of the depression caused by cliques. It is not desirable. More than it being undesirable, it is not worth it. You are causing harm to yourself. You are actually conveying the message that you are in total distress and wish to give up on your life. This is definitely not a good sign. In fact, too much of junk or overdose of harmful substances can be dangerous for you.

6. Opinions do Matter

It is very easy to let others dominate your feelings and your whole being. But, if you don’t let your opinions roll out, you are losing out on the person who matters the most, YOU. It is not good to let others really rule your emotions. If they are not doing it right, you have a right to have an opinion about them. When the time comes you can always let others know your opinion. Do things in a way you feel least stressed out. It does not matter who approves of you. But, it does matter if you are fine with yourself and with what you are doing. If you feel that there is someone in your circle who feels differently, allow that person to speak up as well. Respect his thoughts or ideas. If you are team behave like a team.

You could always try and consult your family for opinions regarding these matters. Parents can always help you out by giving the right solution. Remember, fearing is easy, but what is needed and difficult is facing the situation fearlessly. You may take time to deal with cliques; it’s fine as long as you learn art of dealing.

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