The 7 Best Gifts for Teenage Girls

Don’t you just love to see the uncontainable glee born out of nervous excitement that flirts across your teenager’s face when you present them with a gift? Unfortunately for both parents and teenagers, such moments are fast becoming few and far between. The quandary facing parents nowadays about buying gifts for teenagers have been enhanced by their inability in understanding what the latest trend is; and finding that out has become a hazard that elders just can’t seem able to cope up with, considering the fast paced nature the teenagers live in.

And the problem doesn’t end with just deciphering the latest fad, because as you might already know – there are a million other ways in which the gift you pick out could get the eye roll. Many parents opt to get a prior list from their teenagers- this does work as long as you adhere to the list strictly. Even taking them out with you to shop for their gift can be fun as, let’s face it, girls do love to shop; just remember not to be pushy about anything that’s all. If you still like to have a little idea before you go out and do one of the most difficult things to do- buying gift for your teenage girl- then you might find the gifts mentioned below helping. But do remember, there is no fool proof gift guaranteed to elate a teenage girl. The gift she wants today might not be the one she wants tomorrow; she might not even know what she wants. But, here are some items that she may like.

1. A Bite of Apple


Apple smart phones, Apple iPad’s and iPod’s are guaranteed to earn you cool points. They are sleek, stylish and sexy. Although they do pose a dilemma about her getting hooked on to it to the point of neglecting her studies and other chores, it is almost guaranteed to be a major hit with a teenage girl.  And if your girl does not have one already, then believe me, she has been craving for one for long because, in all probability, all her friends would be having them already. It’s time you bought her and yourself one, they are seriously cool.

2. ORB watches


This is another seriously cool gift available on the market. One simple search on Google will reveal why it has caught the imagination of teenage girls everywhere – A beautiful bracelet type watch with stripes on it indicating the time. It is so aesthetically pleasing that wearing one of these would instantly attract admiration entwined with a dollop of envy.

3. Clothes


Okay, now we move on to something that has always attracted female attention; and teenage girls fall head over heels for them too. This though has a devious pitfall, as if you are not hundred percent sure as to what she might like it could end up in the back of her closet on a permanent basis. It is always advisable to take her with you while shopping and see what she likes. It would also help you immensely if you know what her friends wear as, more often than not, they will be sharing a common interest in fashion.

4. Gift Cards

If you think that you are never going to be able to buy anything that a teenager likes, then don’t worry, you are probably right. And that is where Gift cards come in. Gift one of these to a teenage girl and you are relieved of the hassles of shopping for a teenage girl whose wish list keeps on changing by the minute. You are also guaranteed to make your teenager happy as it indulges her the following two: Shopping with friends and the freedom to choose whatever she likes. One quick scan across the internet and you will have hundreds of gift cards to choose from. Just remember to choose one she would also like.

5. Personalized Jewellery


When I say jewelry, it does not have to be anything too expensive. Just a necklace or a bracelet with her name or zodiac sign will do. Anything that means something to her etched on jewelry is a great gift to giver. You will be able to find such items under $70 or so. Such personalized jewelry could be a great hit with her and she will love wearing the unique and beautiful thing. It could end up being a source of great pride and satisfaction for her, which endears you-the one who got it in the first place- to her more.

6. Makeup Bags

A makeup bag is as important to a teenage girl as it is to a woman. Make up bags are the source of all power and having a trendy and eye catching bag is just what every teenage girl hopes for. Wash bags, coin purses and hand bags are also bags that she will appreciate. Gift a branded bag and, voila, you have a teenage girl who purrs like a kitten with happiness.

7. Table Lamps


Although they might not seem as attractive an option as the ones already mentioned, they still are a great gift. Nowadays, you will be able to find stylish table lamps that serve multi purposes. You can find lamps that acts as an organizer, lamps in which she could recharge her iPad, play music and lamps that are plain cool thanks to its design. Gift her one of these and she’ll be glad to have one every time she switches them on. Also, the fact that they now comes in incredible designs and colors could spice up her room.

There are also many other items that she might like – shoes, video games, laptops, CD’s of her favorite TV shows, movies or games, cameras, tights, Bookends and a million other things. Remember that each girl will have their own unique preferences and likings and as such it is important to get to know what she likes before you run out and get a gift.

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