Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

Everyone has that animal loving friend who is picky about their food, follows the WWF news every day, and loves to send you links to how you can save the tiger or the endangered macaws! You love them but when it comes to buying a gift for them, it can be a pretty tricky task.

You will have to see what it is about animals that your friend loves best. Do they have a special inclination towards rescued animals, their own pets, zoo animals or endangered animals? Let us begin to understand what goes on in the minds of animal lovers. They look at an animal’s existence to be as important as a human being’s existence. You can judge whether a person is an animal lover or not by observing their behavior towards animals, by the TV shows that they watch and by the pain you will see in their eyes if they see an animal physically hurt.

It is a great thing about these people to feel compassion and empathy for a species entirely different from their own. Empathy for all living things makes for a wonderful character trait. If you have a pet at home you will realize that they have the power to invoke feelings in you that you never knew existed. Animal lovers take it to a whole new level by loving the very essence of the animal kingdom. Their love for animals is not restricted to their own pets; they love the existence of all the animals in this world. If you actually come to think of it, these poor wordless animals deserve a good chance at a healthy and happy life. With a majority of people around the world, just ignoring the needs of animals for their selfish motives, these animal lovers are like angels who speak for these mute animals.

When it comes to looking for a gift for an animal lover, you must be very careful. There are things that can offend their sensitive nature. Make sure that the gift you give to an animal lover either benefits helpless animals in some way or shows your appreciation for their selfless feelings towards the animal kingdom. Here is a list of best gifts for animal lovers that we have compiled for you.

Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

  • Supplies and medicines for homeless animals: – This is a wonderful gift idea. You can buy supplies and medicines for homeless animals in the name of your friend. A voucher/certificate can be sent to them as a token.
  • Organic pet treats: – If your friend has a pet dog or cat you can gift them organic pet treats. This is good for the pets’ health and since they cost slightly more, it makes for a great gift idea.
  • WWF adopt a species: – You can adopt one or more out of a huge variety of endangered animals at the ‘Worldwide Fund For Nature’ (WWF). The recipient will receive a token of appreciation for your contribution. This is a wonderful gift that can bring a smile to an animal lover’s face.
  • Eco friendly cat tree: – There is an artificial tree available in the market which is made out of cedar wood and ostrich or chicken feathers for the cat’s pleasure. It can make for a wonderful play thing for the pet cat and will bring a smile to the pet owner.
  • A trip to the zoo or a wildlife sanctuary: – An animal lover will not appreciate more than a chance to spend some time observing their favorite animals. You can go ahead and get them a paid trip to the nearest zoo or maybe to a wildlife sanctuary. It will be a wonderful and informative experience for the animal lover and they will be thankful for your thoughtfulness. It is going to be beneficial for the zoo also if they get a paid visitor.
  • Gulf restoration network oil spill: – Make a donation, for the birds of the gulf that have become endangered due to the oil spill. The gulf migratory birds have suffered a lot due to the frequent oil spills. This donation in the name of your animal lover friend will be a wonderful gift for them as well as the suffering birds.
  • If the person you are planning to gift something to is a vegetarian, a vegetarian cooking class is a wonderful gift idea. This class will be a great way for your friend to learn some delicious vegetarian recipes and cooking styles.
  • PETA donation: – you can go ahead and make a donation in the name of your friend to ‘People For Ethical Treatment Of Animals’ (PETA). This is an organization that is based out of America for protection of animal rights and their ethical treatment.
  • A rescued animal: – If your animal lover friend is also a pet owner and a pet lover, you can get a rescued animal for him. This benefits both the animal as well as the person who will take in the animal. Before giving them this gift however, you must consult with them. They might have prior commitments or may not be able to take in an animal at that point in time. Bringing the rescued animal back to its shelter is a feeling that nobody likes.
  • A handmade sock bunny: – This is a wonderful gift for animal lovers. If you have made it with your own hands it will be a personalized gift as well. This cute stuffed animal toy is made using sock. To learn how to make it, you can get the method on the internet.
  • Animal art: – Another great idea for a gift. You can go ahead and buy animal paintings or posters for your animal lover friend. The posters or paintings can be framed using ecofriendly material.
  • Tidbits: – You can go in for little tidbits as gifts for your animal lover friends. These can be animal print T-shirts, key rings with animal pictures, footwear with animal logos, ecofriendly makeup and accessories and animal artwork. You can also buy little chew toys or small trinkets for your friend’s pets.

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