Benefits of Working From Home

Are you someone working from home who has been feeling a little grumpy of late? Is it that you are secretly coveting an office job and want to call it quits working from home? Does it often occur to you that a full time job has got more advantages than your work-from-home option? Well, if you are a freelancer or someone working from home, it is very natural for such thoughts and feelings to come to your mind. In fact, it would be really abnormal on your part if you find the work from-home option to be a perfect one. However, before you draw your own conclusions and do something harmful in your frustration or zeal, it would be in your interest to check out these 8 benefits of working from home. It will give you a solid reality check which is very important before you take any decision related to your career or job.

Benefits of Working From Home

1. Time flexibility

There is no 9-5 schedule that you have to follow. You can work at any time that you want. It is up to you to decide the work hours which is really a great boon. In an office, you have to work under deadlines and within a fixed schedule but when it comes to work-from-home; you are the one who decides the rules of the game. You can work in the dead of night or in the early morning hours or in the afternoon; it is entirely your choice. There is no such thing as routine or timetable and even if it is, you are the one who decides the schedule. To cut the long story short, you get complete flexibility regarding the work hours.

2. Better work-life balance

Working from office takes up a lot of your time. Meeting deadlines, the extra work hours, workshops and training sessions eat up a good deal of your time. Add to that, the hours that you spend in commuting. At an average, any and every full time professional spends around 10-12 hours doing his job. When you work from home, you can save a lot of time. This way you get more time to spend with your family and friends which means it becomes easier for you to maintain work-life balance. The flexibility and savings of work hours are a great boon and do wonders to help you devote adequate attention to work and family.

3. Savings and increased income

When you work from home, you don’t have to spend money on a lot of things that office goers have to. Whether it is clothes or commuting, all the money is saved. You can also avoid the cost that you have to pay when you eat out or bear the canteen bills. If one adds up all this cost, one will find that one can increase ones’ savings or income by 40-50%. This means that you can have more money and also manage it in a much better manner. Isn’t it great? We know money is music to many ears and the more you have, the happier you are.

4. No office politics

You can easily avoid it because there is no jealous co-worker who can say all the nasty things about you. Competition is something that you have to give to yourself and you will also receive it from yourself only. There is no back-biting and negativity to hamper your productivity and peace of mind. You can work at your own pace without any supervision and check. Neither you will have to encounter rat race nor will you fall into the trap of office politics. This is really a great relief because office politics is notorious for mental breakdowns, terminations and other such negative things.

5. Immense opportunities for growth

All of us want it and there is no one who can do without it. It is not that a full-time job doesn’t offer you growth opportunities. Of course, you get all the promotions and perks but if you are an efficient freelancer, sky is the limit for you. Want to know how? Well, as we have already said, you have flexibility and better work-life balance when you work from home. You can utilize all this to create a brand out of yourself. You can be the real multifaceted professional who can earn handsome fees and rise to eminence in life.

6. Independence

No need to report to a boss, no work hours to follow, nothing like deadlines set by others, no issues such as a difficult co-worker or fussy supervisor. To put it in other words, you enjoy complete autonomy and you are in total control of your life. Freedom is a great thing. It boosts your creativity and productivity in an amazing fashion and you cannot get it completely if you work in an office under someone to whom you have to report daily. In fact, these days, office jobs have become the hub of tension and many are switching or thinking of starting their own business just because they don’t have a decent degree of freedom.

7. Control over your work and family

You can manage your home in a much better manner when you are a freelancer. It is a perfect option for married women and mothers who do not want to devote so much of time to office and also want to keep working. In fact, there are many satisfied women who can tell you how great it has been working from home. They can recount numerous benefits of freelancing but this one will surely take the cake. This option lets you wear the tag of a devoted housewife and an independent working woman at the same time.

8. No fear of layoff

Recession has led to many layoffs and when you are working from office and that too in the private sector, you are never sure when you can be handed over the pink slip. If you ask the employees of this field, a lot of them will admit to living with this fear which is really not a good thing. However, when you work from home, there is no such thing as fear of termination. You decide your own clients and work comes to you because of your own merit. Interestingly, it has been seen that recession and its counterpart i.e. layoffs are the reason for propelling many people into freelancing and many of them are doing much better than what they were doing in their fulltime job.

Now that we have put before you the merits of freelancing, we are sure you would have realized how blessed you are. You must have seen all those points that you didn’t see before because you were too occupied with the advantages of working from office. We are not saying that freelancing is a cakewalk and has got no disadvantages at all. What we want to put across is the fact that working from home is a great option provided you utilize all the advantages to learn and grow. If you take it unprofessionally and treat it as a way to make a living you can never expect to rise. So, focus on the good points and try to make the most of this position. You will never find yourself to be the less fortunate cousin of a full time office worker.

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