Benefits of Turmeric for Skin

Turmeric is an herbaceous and perennial plant belonging to the ginger family of plants known as Zingiberaceae. Turmeric contains curcumin which is the main active component and several other elements that are not only beneficial for the health but are exploited for commercial gains as well. Apart from using it as a home remedy (in the raw form) for many ills like diarrhoea, acne, and for preventing cell damage, it is mainly used for peppering Indian cuisines.

The rhizomatous lumps are first boiled for many hours and dried thoroughly. Thereafter they’re pulverized into powder form which has a deep yellow or orange-yellowish colour that is typical of turmeric and distinguishes it from other spices.  If you’re invited in any Indian home for lunch or dinner, there will inevitably be a dish that has been spiced up with turmeric.

The scientific name of turmeric is curcuma longa and it gets its characteristic dark yellowish colour from its active component curcumin. Turmeric has been extensively used in the Indian sub-continent since several millennia but it primarily served as a dyeing agent. Its prophylactic properties were unravelled much later. Gradually, it found its way to kitchens for adding flavour to different food preparations and spicing up meals.

Although western medical fraternities have of late started researching on turmeric’s medicinal properties including its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-oxidant attributes, it had long been used to make Ayurvedic (a traditional therapeutic system with roots in India) medicines. Turmeric has had an exalted status since prehistoric times both in the Indian sub-continent and China and still does. It is used at length in religious ceremonies and Indian brides smear their bodies with the herb during their marriages. Turmeric has also found all round use in several Asian countries including ancient Thailand, and Indonesia.

Of late, people are waking up to the astounding powers of turmeric and have come to realize that it is more than just a spice to be kept bottled in a jar in the kitchen. Turmeric is loaded with benefits that can be taken advantage of by one and all and there are studies and research to backup the beneficial aspects of turmeric.

The turmeric that you buy from your local ration store or from any other commercial outlet comes in packets and sachets that is highly processed and not pure in form. If you want to partake of the benefits of turmeric, then try to buy the same from a merchant who deals in spices or from someone who can supply you the rhizomes.

Turmeric is especially beneficial for the skin because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. It is used as a dynamic constituent of many skincare and beauty products. In the following lines the numerous Benefits of Turmeric for Skin have been outlined. You’d just need to procure turmeric in its raw or pure form and mix it with some specific ingredients that you can find easily in your house.


1. Alleviates Pigmentation

Turmeric acts as a natural and perfect antidote to skin pigmentation and helps you to tackle pigmentation issues. Skin pigmentation conditions can make your skin appear darker or lighter than it should be normally or discoloured and mottled. Skin pigmentation disorders are predominant in teenagers and adolescents.

Applying the turmeric paste over the affected areas of your skin can help restore the balance of melanin. You can prepare a concoction by mixing turmeric paste either with lemon juice extract or cucumber slices or juice and smear the formulation over your face and other affected areas.

Leave the application for at least fifteen to twenty minutes, then wipe off the paste, and wash face completely. You’d have to apply the paste on a regular basis if you want your skin to get back its natural tone.

2. Cures Acne

Acne is a skin disorder that can happen to anybody but it mostly affects the teenagers and individuals who’re transitioning from the threshold of adolescence to adulthood. For treating acne, blend proportionate quantities of turmeric and sandalwood powder with water in a mortar and daub it all over your face because your visage is the area that is most affected by acne.

3. Turmeric Prevents Your Skin Ageing Prematurely and Keeps it Smooth

Instead of scrubbing your body with soap everyday, why not apply a blend of turmeric and gram flour for a change? Rub the paste all over the body and then go under the shower to wash it off completely.

If you use this formulation instead of a soap to cleanse your body at least once in a month, you’ll see your skin taking on a lustre and gloss that’ll keep you in high spirits and make you feel confident. You’ll also be spared of the need to use artificial creams and ointments that’ll result in monetary savings.

4. Enhances Suppleness of the Skin

Pregnant women and young mothers use a plethora of ointments and unguents to get rid of the stretch marks that appears on the abdomen during pregnancy and post delivery. These salves contain ingredients that have deleterious side effects. Apply a paste of turmeric with curd or yogurt on the stomach or abdomen where the stretch marks are present (just before taking a bath) and let it remain for at least 20 minutes.

Wash off thoroughly during bathing. The more regular you’re in applying the paste, the sooner your stretch marks will heal and the skin in your abdominal area will regain the suppleness it had before you became pregnant.

5. Turmeric Is an Excellent Anti-Oxidant

Turmeric is a natural wonder drug because of its numerous prophylactic attributes. Its anti-oxidising property helps in warding off free radicals that helps allay many diseases including cancer. Turmeric helps in getting rid of skin rashes and helps to speed up the convalescing process of skin diseases like chicken pox.

 6. Other Benefits

Turmeric prevents cell damage by arresting the release of free radicals. Free radicals have the potential to damage cells and expedite the process of ageing. Turmeric is used as an astringent that helps to prevent blood loss when you have a minor cut or bruise.

It also serves as an excellent natural expectorant. You just need to put a spoonful in hot milk and gulp it down. The turmeric not only helps in clearing the clogged throat and nasal passage but also confronts the infection. Turmeric is also used for tackling gum afflictions. It is also used as a salve against burns and scalding.

Therefore, it is quite clear that using turmeric is not only beneficial for the skin but for overall health and hygiene.

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