Benefits of Tomato Juice for Skin

We’re all living in stressful times as we have to put in longer hours at work and cope with the pressures of balancing family and work life. So, it goes without saying that we need to workout on a daily basis and have balanced meals to keep ourselves healthy and lead a stress-free life. Talking about balanced diets, we should include foods made out of whole grains and cereals, green and leafy vegetables, salads, fruits and eschew fast foods as much as possible.

Tomato is one vegetable that one should partake of as much as possible for the simple reason that it contains innumerable vitamins, minerals, and other natural elements that can keep you in the pink of health. Not only do the brilliantly red tomatoes look great but taste great as well. Tomato is a super and marvellous vegetable that not only helps to retain the vigour and glow of your skin but is instrumental in preventing many forms of cancer.

If you want to exploit the benefits of tomatoes then you should take them raw by slicing it or drinking the juice extract. Wash them thoroughly before you consume them. Tomatoes have long been used to embellish various food preparations all over the world. Tomatoes are exclusively used for making ketchups and have almost become synonymous with the word ‘ketchup’.

So whenever you mention the word ketchup, everybody automatically assumes that you’re talking about tomato ketchup or sauce. Tomatoes get their typical bright red colour from lycopene which is the basic and active component. Lycopene is touted as a potential antioxidant that acts as a deterrent for many types of cancers.

Consuming tomatoes is extremely beneficial for you as they supply your body with the essential oxidants that helps in combating the free radicals and ultimately reduce them averting cell damage and allaying reddening and inflammation of the skin. The lycopene in tomatoes acts as a natural sunscreen from inside and delays the process of ageing by helping to maintain the skin texture and preventing wrinkles or creases.

Tomatoes are rich in carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fibres, vitamins C, B6 B3, B1, A, E, and K, magnesium, manganese, potassium and lycopene. Water makes up more than 90% of the weight of tomatoes. Tomatoes also have a very low fat content (0.2 g per 100g) which means you can gorge on tomatoes to your heart’s content without the fear of putting on weight. Tomatoes help in lowering and maintaining the cholesterol levels thereby diminishing the chances of cardiovascular attacks.

So much has been bandied about the nutritional benefits in improving overall health that the positive benefits that accrue to skin (by consuming tomatoes) often get eclipsed and overlooked. In the following paragraphs the Benefits of Tomato Juice for Skin has been summarized.


1. Cures Acne and Aids in Getting Rid of Pimples

Those afflicted by acne or pimples can use the pulp of tomato or its juice by squashing fresh tomatoes and applying the extract over one’s face and other affected areas. You should let the application stay for at least an hour before rinsing it thoroughly.

If you’re suffering from severe acne or pimples have broken out all over your face, then you should follow the above mentioned procedure everyday. Tomatoes are richly endowed with vitamin A, C, and K that helps to clear your face of acne.

2. Good Skin Cleanser

Rubbing the pulp or juicy extract of tomato over your face and other areas of your body helps in opening up the pores on the skin by clearing away the dirt and oily deposits that clogs these pores. Tomato functions as an ideal blackheads and oily deposits reducing agent.

For best results slice a tomato into two equal halves and place one half over crystalline sugar and rub it over your face in a circular fashion. Or you can also use a combination face peel or mask of tomato and avocado.

The astringent property of tomato helps in checking excessive oiliness whereas the moisturizing and antiseptic attributes of avocado is useful in purifying and cleansing both oily and dry skin textures. Wash-off your face with tepid warm water half an hour after application of the mask.

3. Helps in Reducing Excessive Oiliness of the Skin

Fatty and oily deposits on the microscopic skin pores are largely responsible for several skin conditions including pimples or acne. Eating too much of fried and oily foods can lead to increases production of fatty substances that block the skin pores and make the epidermis overly oily.

As a remedial measure, combine two or three spoonfuls of tomato juice with a little extract of cucumber and dunk a cotton ball into the mixture and rub the ball gently over all over your skin. Repeat the procedure with a fresh cotton ball. Using this procedure almost every alternate day prevents your skin from getting excessively oily by removing the grime and dust and clearing up blocked pores.

4. Natural Skin Toner

With age, the normal tone and texture of your skin takes a beating because of continuous wear and tear and also because of exposure to the elements. The juice of tomato acts as a natural toner and cleanser and is more effective than fairness creams and lotions. The creams and unguents contain chemicals that can make your skin dry and rob it of its natural texture.

The tomato extract or juice can restore the naturalness of your skin and impart to it a lustrous appearance. Mix some peeled tomatoes with oatmeal and daub your face with the mixture and let it be for 20-25 minutes. Thereafter wash your face with running cold water. For optimum results repeat the procedure almost everyday.

5. Effective against Sunburns

Many of us suffer sunburns, redness of the skin and itchiness as the skin is exposed to direct rays of the sun during the height of the summer season. Tomato juice loaded with antioxidants helps in getting rid of dead epidermal cells and promoting cell growth as well.

For the effective treatment of sunburns and skin rashes, mix buttermilk with tomato juice thoroughly and smear the mixture all over your face. Rinse your face with cold water after 30 minutes. Tomatoes also help in relieving oneself of numerous skin irritations like scaling, itchiness and swelling or redness of the skin. It also keeps your skin looking glossy and delays the biological process of ageing by preventing your skin from developing wrinkles or folds.

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