Be Supportive when Your Friend Gets Engaged For He Needs You Most

Engagement plays an important role in everybody’s life. It is a promise to get married to the person you are engaged to. You could simply call this as a period between proposal and marriage. This is not a new concept as it is in trend from years. This day is very special in every one’s life. What if you get informed about the engagement of one of your good friends? How would you react to it? Your reaction may differ according to the closeness of your relation. You may get surprised or it could be an obvious thing for you. Whatever may be your reactions never express your negative reactions in front of your newly engaged friend. In order to encourage someone for a new relation, you should be supportive when your  friend gets engaged.

Always be careful, your weird reactions may create problems in his or her new relations. Show your friend that you are very happy to hear the news. Here are some tips which will act as a great help to be supportive to a newly engaged friend. Have a look. One of them may help you rescue you from any such situation.

1. Congratulate Your Friend

This is the first and one of the important reactions which every one would expect from you. When your friend tells you about the engagement don’t forget to congratulate, otherwise this could create a negative impact. Wish your friend in a happy way after all it is a big moment for that person. If your friend has personally approached you to tell about this good news then hugs, kisses, tears or laughter would best suit the situation but keep in mind the place of meeting. If she is telling this telephonically at least make the use of word congratulations or its synonyms and later express your reactions to her.

Congratulate your friend

 2.  Express Your Happiness Through Cards

Cards are a best way to express one’s inner feelings. This method is equally effective if you are going to meet your friend personally or if you are far away from your friend. You can write all those things which you were not able to express on the day you came to know about the news. You can make your card more effective by adding your friend’s name with that of the person to whom he or she is getting engaged. Don’t forget to write good quotes and best wishes for their future.


3.  Offer Them Gift For Their Engagement

Who can know favorite choice of your friend better than you? Present them with gifts which are their all-time favorites. You could also surprise her by visiting her home with all your other friends. This would surprise him or her and they would feel happy. Contribute money and gift her some usable item or the thing which he or she always wanted to purchase.

Offer them gift for their engagement

 4.  Demand A Small Party From The Friend

This is one of the common things which I think most of you demand when one of your friends is happy due to some reasons. This is best way to express your happiness for your friend. He or she would feel free to express their view points in the party. Memorize all your old days and wish for her bright future.Do not over burden them with a bigger party just ask them give a small party to express their happiness for this amazing moment of their life.

 5.  Ask Your Friend To Introduce You To Their Future Life Partners

This is best way to get some little knowledge about your friend’s fiancé or fiancée. If you’re over concerned about your friend’s future you must go for this method. If you are shy in speaking to that person for the first time, invite him or her with some other friends. This will escape you to talk to the person continuously and you can observe that person silently.

Ask your friend to introduce you to their future life partners

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