Bariski is back

back from examsYea its true. celebratedid I mention EXAMS ARE OVER? yea I am finally back from my examinations. I was undergoing my 7th semester university exams for B.Tech. and thanks to god and all of you, for your blessings, that I did really well in them. sembah

As I333 was quiet dead and I wasn’t able to post previously but now I’ll try to post more original and useful posts in coming days.

And yea I must mention that I333’s Alexa rank has reached 557,134 which is in the top 1.81 % of all websitessengihnampakgigi

Also I333’s Google Page Rank is now Google PageRank checker of I333 which is really great because I haven’t posted as a guest blogger yet and now I’ll start doing it so that more and more folks can read these useful tutorials.

With all that said, I promise you to bring quality posts and if you like them then please do consider subscribing to my feeds for FREE.

P.S.:One more year has passed and we have knocked the door of another with high hopes and expectations to keep running this blog with love and peace , as one family, no matter where you are from or what’s the color of your skin.

Best Regards


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