Interesting Baby Shower Games for Men

6. Juggle the Balloons:

This is also a balloon game that needs to be played outdoors. Fill the balloons with water and ask the participants to juggle them. The last man who stands without dropping or bursting his balloon will be the winner.

 Juggle the Balloons

7. Catch the Nipples:

Another water game that needs to be played outdoors. Fill a large bucket of water and put some baby nipples into it. Then set the timer to one minute and ask the men to catch baby nipples with their mouth and their hands at their back. The man who grabs largest number of baby nipples in one minute will be the winner of the game.

Catch the Nipples

8. Daddy Change my Diaper:

The fathers may sometime need to change the diaper of the baby in the absence of mother. So, you need to train them to do so. This can be done by organizing a baby shower competition in which men are required to change the diaper of the baby. To play this game you need some dolls and diapers. Set a time limit and ask men to change the diapers of the dolls. The man who successfully changes the diapers of maximum number of dolls will be the winner.

Daddy Change My Diaper

9. Build a Toy:

Generally played by babies, it is a simple game in which you can ask men to assemble a toy. The first man to finish assembling the toy will be the winner.

Build a Toy

10. Kids’ Questionnaire:

Quiz game for intelligent dads who know about how to raise a baby. Build some questions regarding how to take care of a baby. Make different teams of men and ask them to answer the questions. Give marks for each correct answer and deduct marks for each wrong answer. The team with more points will be the winner.

Kids’ Questionnaire

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