Interesting Baby Shower Games for Men

There was a time when baby shower meant women coming together and sharing their labor stories and playing various baby shower games. However, now the times have changed. Baby shower games for men are very exciting and with these games men can learn many things for their babies. Today baby shower is not only where mothers get together but fathers of the babies also come to enjoy the baby shower. These baby showers are known as co-ed baby showers where both men and women come together and double the fun of a baby shower. Traditionally, a baby shower was all about discussing various pregnancy related problems, sharing stories and opening presents but as men were added to the baby showers, the themes of baby shower also changed. Now the baby shower parties give emphasis on entertaining the male participants present in the party. The old pregnancy stories have been replaced by some funny tales of the couples during pregnancy. The games played at the co-ed baby shower parties have also changed as now the game themes are planned keeping men in mind. Thus, a lot of transformation has occurred with the addition of men in the baby shower parties. So, if you are planning to arrange co-ed baby shower, then you should also look for various baby shower games that can be played and enjoyed by both men and women. In this article we have discussed some baby shower games for men so that you can entertain your male guests at your baby shower party.

1. Daddy Drink:

The traditional mothers drinking game has been given a little twist so that this game can be enjoyed by men. All you need to do for this game is to fill small baby bottles with beer or some other drink that your guests prefer. Then ask your guests to suck the liquid out of the bottle and drink it. The first one to finish his drink will be the winner of the game. Drinking may look easy but sucking the liquid out of the bottle is difficult especially for men who are used to drink from glasses.

Daddy Drink

2. Balloon Belly Race:

For this game you need big balloons.Ask men to blow the balloons and put them under their shirts on their bellies. Tie their shoes and ask them to race from one point to another and come back to the starting point. They need to complete the race without supporting the balloon with their hands and if the balloon drops or bursts, they need to start all over again. The first man completing the race will be the winner.

Balloon Belly Race

3. Music with Drinks:

Another funny game that will make men cry like babies. All you need to do is fill some baby bottles, at least three, with juice or beer. Ask men to sit in a round and hand them the filled baby bottles. As the music starts, the bottles should be passed to each man sitting in the round formation. When the music is stopped ask men to drink the liquid out of the bottle. The fun starts with the addition of the rule, no hands while drinking. It means that while drinking the liquid out of the bottle, men are not supposed to use their hands to grab the bottle. All they can do is put the nipple of the bottle into their mouth and then suck the drink without holding the bottle with their hands. The first one to finish his bottle will be the winner.

Music with Drinks

4. Potato Race:

This game is similar to balloon race but more difficult. Ask the guests to grab a potato between their knees and then walk across the room and put the potato into a basket. Keep separate baskets for each player and set the time limit of at least three minutes. The man with more potatoes in his basket will be the winner of the race.

Potato Race

5. Hanging Baby Clothes:

We all have seen women hanging baby clothes onto a cloth-line for drying, but have you ever seen a man doing so. If no, then this is your chance to do so. In this game the men are required to put baby clothes onto a cloth-line. The man who puts baby clothes in the shortest time will be the winner. To play this game all you require is a clothesline, some baby clothes and clothes pins. This game requires space where you can hang a cloth-line. So, you can either play this game in your lawn or in some big room where there is enough space. You can also give a twist to the game by asking the participants to only use one hand to hang baby clothes.

Hanging Baby Clothes

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