Awkward Questions To Ask A Girl

Met a girl for the first time and, the question that slips off your mouth puts her in an awkward situation, does it? You may not realize it then or, probably you will never realize it. This happens with most guys. You have never realized the questions that might put the girl in an awkward spot. For you most questions are as normal as they could have been. But, there are questions that are not suited to ask a girl especially. Some of these questions you may have realized by now with your vast experience with girls. But, some of them are still unknown to many. These are the questions that are listed so that you know what not to ask a girl especially when it is just your first meeting.

awkward questions to ask a girl

1. Single Anyone

This is a question that shuts the girl off and, puts her in a complete silence spot. Ask a girl whether her friend or sister is single when she is interested in you is equivalent to embarrassing her. She may be thinking of approaching you but, your question puts her in a complete awkward spot and she knows not what to tell you. She would neither be able to answer you nor be able to stay without answering. This is one of the most avoided awkward questions.

2. Ogle Goggle

When you get drunk, you hit the question that says “Are these for real”. You may not even realize your question but, when you ask a girl you have probably met for the first time it is not a good question to ask. She might not only feel embarrassed but, in some cases she might feel embarrassed too. So, it would be ideal if you avoid this question. But, if you are in a drunken state it is better to avoid the girl instead of making her feel awkward.

3. What You Get?

It’s a very common question that puts the girl in a tough spot. When you walk over to a girl and ask her how much she earns, it would make her go speechless. She may be earning more or less than what is considered market standards. But, the truth is this question is relatively embarrassing for her. So, if you have just met a girl, and are trying to get friendly with her remember not to ask this question.

4. Intimacy Related Questions

Boy, this one would be tough on her for sure. When you ask a girl, just after having made out with her, if she liked it, it surely would make her feel awkward. In case she did not enjoy it, she would not be able to say so. Just in case she did enjoy it, she won’t be able to express it. Both ways she would fall silent and, you would have caused an awkward silence that would be slightly difficult to get off. So, miss this question even if you wish to ask it.

5. Match Found

This is a question that most guys would ask. A question that allows them the knowledge of whether the girl finds them suitable or not! If the girl feels that they are the perfect match, the question would put her in a terrible situation. If the girl really feels you are her type, she may feel shy to say that. If she does not feel that you are her type, she would be in a much more awkward situation knowing it would hurt you. Either ways such direct questions tend to be awkward for the girl when it comes to answering.

6. Reason behind Single-hood

Imagine being asked this question! Would you be able to answer it honestly without feeling bad? If the answer is no, you would realize why it is an awkward question that needs to be avoided. Most of you would realize that there are things that happen without reason, and asking questions based on that would be embarrassing and insulting for the girl. So, try to avoid this question especially if you like the girl.

7. PMS Questions

Asking a girl if she is in her periods is equivalent to inviting her wrath. She may not really want to get angry but, you leave her with no option. These are embarrassing and awkward questions from a girl’s point of you. If you ask her this question, she won’t want to answer. Instead chances are she would get angry with you and, might not even want to talk to you. So, try not be direct in this either. If you don’t know the girl, try not to ask her the question at any point.

8. Weight Questions

Weight is a very sensitive topic for girls. If you ever wish to put across the point to a girl that she is fat, try to do that sensibly. A direct question or thought stating that she is fat would hurt her. If you go and ask her whether she has put on some weight, you would make her feel awkward. While she is betting on whether to slap you or just ignore you, you have actually invited trouble for yourself. So, before you say anything about her weight that would trouble her, think twice.

9. Choice of Dressing

Well, you should be thankful if you do not get yourself beaten up for asking about her dressing sense. Girls consider this question equivalent to being called weird. When you ask a girl why she does not dress like other girls, you are actually saying she has a weird choice and, you don’t seem to understand it. If you feel so, you have invited enough reasons for her to ignore you for a whole life. Girls are very choosy about their appearances and, feel awkward with people who do not approve of it.

Some other weird questions include why she goes or does not go out too much, questions related to her fantasy with regards to intimacy, her bra size etc. Make sure you avoid such questions that make the girl feel awkward.

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