Awesome Movies to Watch on a Date

The very first step of relationship begins with a date. A date is the time when two people meet in order to know each other. The sole purpose of a date is to find out the possibility of love. No one wants to spoil their first date by making any silly mistakes. One of the best ways to spend some quality time with your partner on a date is by going for a movie. As you decide to take your date out for a movie, you should be very careful in selection of the movie.

This article will tell you about the awesome movies to watch on a date. Surely you don’t want to show up at the theatre with the tickets of a movie that is about obsession, wars etc. You need to be very careful before you opt for any movie. The best way to go about it is by talking to your date and trying to find out the kind of movies that interest him/ her. It is always better to play safe. You can either choose to watch a latest movie or you can call your date home and watch the movie together. Given below is the list of genres of some movies that are a must if you want your date to fall in love with you.


1. Romantic:

Romantic movies are the evergreen movie date idea which can never go wrong. Romantic movies are sure to invoke a certain kind of emotion in people that makes it very easy for love to settle in. There are a bunch of some good movies which are sure to make cupid play it age old game which will surely make you date land in your arms.

  • A Walk to Remember

A beautiful movie that depicts that true love is forever and it can change a person. The movie is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. The movie shows a beautiful love story of a couple and the problems they face and how they encounter them with the power of love.

  • The Notebook

The story of a couple who are in their old age and how a man desperately makes effort everyday to remind his wife of the love they share as the former suffers from dementia. The love story is very catchy and depicts a beautiful tale of love.

  • Titanic

The cult classic is a must watch as it is a beautiful and grand depiction of love and longing. The story is based on a ship, which is out on its first voyage. There two people from different strata of the society meet, Jack and Rose. They fall in love with each other and face many problems to be with other. As they struggle, the ship is in danger too. It is a gripping movie of adventure, love and sacrifice.

2. Comedy

A funny movie on the date is sure to tickle your bones and also makes situation light. Usually, people feel nervous when they are going out on a date. A funny movie is sure to help you relax and get rid of the nervousness. Funny or romantic comedy movies can make a tense situation light and dates are meant to be enjoyed. Given below is the list of some really funny and romantic comedy movies that is sure to make you and your date very comfortable and leave you guys smiling.

  • Life as we know it

This movie revolved around two people who are exactly opposite to each other and they are hooked by their mutual friends. The movie takes a dramatic turn when their friends die in an accident and make them their child’s guardian. The instances which follow afterwards are very hilarious and also teach some important lessons about life.

  • Date Night

The story of a bored couple who decide to go out on a date and the incidents which follow are sure to make you and your date laugh out loud. Their mistaken identity makes the movie more hilarious and the acting by the actress Tina Fey is very natural and funny.

  • Love Actually

This is a story of eight couples in various settings. Set in the backdrops of America and London, the events in the movie take place around Christmas, the movie is sure to bind you both together with a string of love.

  • Spoofs

One of the best spoof movies is the spoof of Spiderman, the superhero movie.

3. Action


  • The A-team

This is an action packed movie, which is sure to set your adrenaline rush. With the likes of Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper, the movie is about Iraq war veterans who want to clear their name.

  • MIB

The Men –in-Black series is a sure shot guarantee for a good dose of action. With perfect acting of Will Smith, this movie is a cult classic.

  • Die Hard

The Die Hard series is a set of one of the best action movies. The movies have been blockbusters and depict adventurous life of John Mc Clane, who has to save his loved ones from danger.

  • Mission Impossible

These series are sure to give you both a good amount of thrill and action. This series features Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) as an IMF agent and he has the task of saving the world from disaster.

This list is not exhaustive. There are many other movies but remember whichever movie you watch with your date, make it fun-filled by talking to him/her in between. Make your date feel at home and not out of place. Spend some time with your partner and talk about the movie after watching it. During the movie take care of your partner and ask him/her if he/she is enjoying. This will give you a chance to come closer to your date and also get to know him/her better. When you know which genre of the movie interests your partner, you both are sure to enjoy it. The dim setting of the theatre is a perfect environment to come closer. If you are watching the movie at home, remember to arrange all the things properly like snacks, popcorns etc. Cook something special for your partner and make him/her feel on the top of the world.

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