Avoid Alcohol While at College

Drinking alcohol and college students have become synonyms nowadays. Alcohol not only is a reason for heart diseases but also takes your strength away, so you should atleast avoid alcohol while at college. College is the best time to experiment. Every school student dreams of college freedom and once they enter the college gates they wish to explore the world on their own. They become aware about many new things and make many friends. It’s in the college days that many of the students get in the habit of drinking alcohol. Missing the lectures just because of this bad habit becomes part of their regular routine. You may fail or get low grades due to this. I know it is very difficult to avoid drinking habit but in order to secure your future and to perform best in exams you have to avoid it. It’s always a party time for college students. They don’t forget to include alcohol in their parties. This article will prove to be very effective if you seriously want to avoid drinking alcohol while at college. This is wonderful time for every college students so enjoy this to the extent you can but do not go beyond your limits as this could spoil your glowing career.

Avoid Alcohol While at College

Speaking about the habits of drinking alcohol, it is very harmful and leads to a multiple problems. The following are some of the reasons which will help you know why college students drink alcohol:-

  • To escape from family problems or issues related to their college grades.
  • To overcome isolation, low self-esteem, depression and other mental health issues.
  • To deal with the pressures of daily social situations.
  • To change their image or to adjust in new college.
  • To gain confidence or lose embarrassments.
  • If they have parents who drink and if their parents don’t give them clear messages about non-drinking.

Some of the major disadvantages or negative impacts of consuming alcohol are:-

1.Some people totally get dependent on alcohol

2. Liver damage

3. The risk for experiencing various accidents

4Impairs decision making

5. Some may become angry and violent

6.   Impairs the ability to operate vehicles or machinery

7. High degree of financial loss

8. Creates many problem in personal life

If you follow the below mentioned tips seriously this would surely help you to avoid alcohol while at college.

Give reasons related to your religious belief or your family life

This could be one main way to avoid drinking in college. So, whenever you are forced by your peer group to consume alcohol give them a straight reason that drinking is totally not allowed in your family. Convey the reason that alcohol is banned at your place or give a similar cause that from the religious point of view it has been barred recently.

Reason regarding health issues

You may avoid forceful alcohol consumption, if you disclose some serious health issue. So, when you are in college, give them a reason that you recently had a medical check-up and you had some issues with your liver. This would be the time when your friends would become emotional and they will not force you to drink. Giving a reason of health issues will surely help you in avoiding the drinking and still maintain your friendship.

One or two drinks are more than enough

The main problem which every college student has to face is the peer group pressure. Some are so much pressurized that they have to start drinking as they have no other option left with them. Due to this many of the students have the fear of getting into a regular habit of drinking. About 85 to 95 percent of the college students in America are in this bad habit of drinking. Don’t get into a regular habit but just consume one or two drinks if you are forced to. If you consume a lot of alcohol you would misbehave with others leading to your low reputation.

Important role to be played by parents

Parents of a college student should be aware about all the habits of their children. There are many things that they should know and actions that they can take to help their child take responsible decisions and avoid problems associated with drinking. Let your child know that you are available if they need help, even if it is just to talk. This could act as great help for many college students and they may avoid consuming alcohol while at college.

Be aware about penalties and gather facts about alcohol

As college students, if you are planning to consume alcohol gather ample information about its usage. Be clear about its advantages and disadvantages. Get knowledge about all its ingredients, check out what will consuming of this would lead to. Don’t forget to gain knowledge about penalties for underage or what happens if we do excess drinking.

Adopt a firm attitude for drinking

If you have told your friends that you don’t like to drink, stay firm with your words. Don’t even consume a single glass of alcohol, if you do such an activity you may lose your respect among friends. It will go positive for peer group pressure while you would lose your self-esteem and reputation. If you will accept one drink, they will surely force to consume two or more drinks. As a result you would become addicted to alcohol. So, I would personally suggest you to stay firm on your words.

Enjoy parties and do things which do not require consumption of alcohol

Just avoid the habit of consuming alcohol, don’t stop enjoying parties. Be social and enjoy the party on the dance floor, spend most of your time talking to your friends and avoid taking alcohol instead drink soft drinks just to give them a company. You can also plan for a movie night with your friends, play games with them or enjoy coffee at a coffee shop.

Never lose hope

Many people can’t give up drinking all at once. Just like most habits, it is not easy to change. It’s absolutely fine. If you do not reach your goal or objective for the first time, try again. Get support from people who care about you and want to help. Consult such people who will either help in eliminating this habit or they have left consuming alcohol themselves too. Never ever lose hope, if you have strong willpower you will surely succeed one day.

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