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Restart Your PC In 3-4 Sec

Hello. Have you wondered if you can get your system fast and free from all resources just like when you restart your system? Yee its like Restart Your Pc in one click and in just 3-4 sec

RapidShare Premium Account Giveaway Winners

Major Update!New Winner Selected! 2nd time lol: Well, the results are in. I logged in to my Feedburners Account and was amazed to see the response! Thank ya all who participated. As stated previously only E-mail subscribers

February 2009

This post will list all the posts posted for the month of February in 2009: Category: Blogger Tricks And Tutorials Hide Navigation Bar Add A Comment Form Below Posts Category: Funstuff How Did Bush Became Obama And

Password Protect Your Files And Folders

Hello. I will now tell you How To Password Protect A File/s or Folder/s. RAR is the extension of a software named WinRAR with which you can Password Protect A Folder or a File/s. This software comes

Add A Comment Form Below Posts

Hello. We all know how important Feedback are from our readers, I personally love every comment. But in blogger blogs, we find that the comment form in not embedded below the post area which is a feature

Google Penalizes Google In Page Rank

For those of you who don’t know, Google slapped Google Japan in the penalty box. Why you ask? Because Google Japan dared to venture into the dark world of paid posting. The big wigs at Google High

100 Program Files Folder Icons

Hello. After releasing 3000+ Web Icons, PNG Files, PSD, Blog Icons, this time I am bringing you Over 100 Program Files Folder Icons in PNG format measuring 300×300 in size, which will give your system a stunning

3000+ Web Icons, PNG Files, PSD, Blog Icons

Hello. This is a real big collection with over 3000 Web Icons, Png Files, Psd Icon Sets, PS Eps Files, Web 2.0 Icons, Blog Icons, Blog Chiclets and many more.. I have made a screenshot of few