Amazing ab Exercises for Women that Give Washboard abs

Have you had enough of those muffin tops? Are you fed up with those glaring glances of onlookers that seem to appreciate nothing but the washboard abs? Do you want a flat tummy that you can flaunt in a swimsuit or a bikini? Well, the flab in and around your belly can turn into a fab form which you can show off as and when you like, if you work on your abs.

Now don’t roll your eyes. We know you have tried manifold exercises to achieve that sexy midriff and seductive belly. Well, if they didn’t work out there was a reason behind it. They were not suited for your female anatomy. You should try ab exercises for women because they can give you the results that you want. They are perfectly suited for your female anatomy and are customized to go with those curvy contours of yours that need a strict but soft regimen to get in shape. So, here is the recipe that will give you what you want.

1. Stretch and Kneel 

This is very easy to do and does not require much effort and time on your part. Lie down on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Breathe in and lower your chin towards the chest. Now exhale and lift your head, shoulders and neck along with your arms and try to touch the feet with your arms. Remain in this position for a while and inhale deeply. Next, return to the starting position and breathe out as you touch the floor with your head, shoulders and neck. Do this 8-10 times

Stretch and Kneel

2. Roll Up

Another easy exercise with lots of benefits attached to it. Lie down on your back on the floor and stretch your body. Your arms must be behind your head and hands stretched out. Inhale deeply and then bend forward with your arms imitating the motion of your body. Exhale midway. Try to touch your toes with your hands and again inhale. Return to the earlier position, trying to breathe in deeply. Repeat this 8-10 times.

Roll Up

3. Leg up Leg Down 

As the name suggests, this exercise involves stretching your legs up and down. It is quite simple. What you have to do is raise your legs in the air and keep them straight for 5-10 seconds. Meanwhile inhale deeply and pull your belly inside. Hold it like that and then slowly bring back your legs to the floor. Pause for a few seconds and then repeat. Do it 8-10 times.

Leg up Leg Down

3. Criss Cross Scissors 

This exercise also involves the use of legs and wields great results in less time as it works on all the regions of the belly. To start with, lie down on the floor and keep your hands straight. Now raise your legs towards the ceiling and hold them straight for a while. After that, lower your left leg and keep it slightly above the floor. Now bend a little and grasp your right leg with your right hand, trying to pull it towards you. Do this with the left leg as well alternating it with the right leg. Repeat the exercise for 8-10 times.

Criss Cross Scissors

4. Hip Up 

This exercise is a more refined version of the leg up leg down exercise. To start with, pull both your legs towards the ceiling and stretch your hands beside your torso. Inhale deeply and lift your hips up, pulling the belly muscles as much inside as you can. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Exhale and then lower your hips and then legs on the floor. Repeat this exercise for 8-10 times.

Hip Up

5. Sit and Rotate

This exercise is pretty different from all the five that we have explained before as it does not require you to lie down on the floor. Here, you have to sit straight, of course, on the floor, in a cross-legged position. Bring your hands, in front of you, bending them at the elbow and keep them straight. The fingertips of both hands must touch each other. Now rotate your upper body along with the hands at about 45 degrees to the left. When you do this, hold your abs tight and the hips straight. Do this again, this time rotating your body to the left. Repeat it 8- 10 times.

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