Activities to Do With Your Boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend? Do you want to spend some special moments with him? Spending time with each other will help make your bonding stronger. It shows how much importance both of you is giving to your relationship. Try to spend some quiet and exclusive time with your boyfriend away from the daily stress. Now, how to plan for those special moments? First, learn about things that your boyfriend likes to do in his spare time. Then make a plan accordingly.

Here is a list of things that you can do with him to make those moments special.

Activities to Do With Your Boyfriend

Plan a Visit to a Theme Park

If your boyfriend is an adventurous person, you can plan a visit to a theme park. How about an exciting ride on the roller coaster? Screaming your heads off as the ride picks up its speed. Take off to the water sports section.  Enjoy splashing each other or rolling at the water bridges. Take a walk around the theme park, hands in hands whispering sweet nothings to each other. Or you can find some cozy place and snuggle close to each other. Try to take part in some games like shooting a gun and win a prize for him. Your boyfriend will surely surprise by your gift. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the park, just munching some snacks or candyfloss together. Do not forget to capture those special moments in your camera, as these are something that you are going to cherish for a lifetime.

Plan a Vacation to Countryside

Suppose your boyfriend loves nature, then both of you can plan a trip to a quaint countryside. Choose a place that is nearby. Before you make the trip, gather information from locals about the place. Find out the activities that you both can do. Explore the scenic beauty of the quaint countryside, by walking with your boyfriend. You can bike or horse-ride or plan a hike in the area. Do not forget to pack a sumptuous picnic lunch to satisfy your hungry pangs. Before making arrangements do not forget to ask your boyfriend if he is interested in these activities.

Watch the Beautiful Sunset at the Beach

How about a walk to the nearby beach, enjoying the cool breeze and watching the magnificent setting sun? Just take a stroll with your boyfriend, picking up the little shells from the sand. Try out building sand castles together. Or just get into the water and drench each other in the magnificent waters of the ocean. You can even go swimming together. If water sports are available, try out boat riding or surfing. You both can even indulge in some deep sea snorkeling with the help of an instructor. Explore the wonderful marine life underneath through scuba diving. If you are feeling too lazy to do all this just lie on the sand and take turns applying the sunscreen to each other. You can even put volleyball net and play beach volleyball.

Go Fishing

You and your boyfriend can spend some quality time by fishing at a local pond. You can even let him teach you to hook bait. Ask your boyfriend to help you to clean the fish. Make a campfire and cook the fish you have caught.

Plant a Garden at Your Home

Does your boyfriend love gardening? Then just surprise him with a novel idea. Find out what flowering plants or vegetables he likes most. Buy seeds of flowers or vegetables and you can plant a garden at your place or his. Both of you can spend some quality time with each other while gardening and watering the plants.

Try Out Camping

If you and your boyfriend are true outdoor freaks, then you can try out camping. Find out a suitable space in your garden or elsewhere and build a tent. You can light a campfire and do a barbeque dinner. Just sit outside the tent watching the starry nights and sing together. Your boyfriend can even accompany you with his musical instruments. These moments can be truly magical and you will enjoy them.

Play Video Games

If your boyfriend likes to stay indoor, then you can invite him for a couple of video games. Ask him to teach you new games. Most boyfriends like to teach their girlfriends new things. If both of you know how to play these games, you can even compete with each other.

Watch Favorite Movies

Is your boyfriend a movie freak? Ask him about the kind of movies he would like to watch. Rent a pair of his favorite movies. Then you can invite him to your place to watch his favorite movie DVD. Prepare a romantic candle light dinner with beautiful flowers and soft music. After the dinner, you can spend some cozy moments watching his favorite movie in the privacy of your home.

Enjoy a Game of Pool

How about enjoying a game of pool along with your boyfriend? If you want to spend some romantic moments with your friend without prying eyes, then convert a room in your home with a pool bar. All you need is a pool table and some pool bottles. Most guys love pool games. You can also take him to a nice pool hall where both of you can enjoy the game.

Planning a Long Drive

Most guys like long drives. Ask your boyfriend to take you out for a long drive. Just hold his hand and whisper sweet nothings while you watch him take up the wheel. It would be really romantic to go for a long drive during the night under a star lit sky.

These are just some of the ideas that you can do with your boyfriend. In fact the list is endless. Choose the ideas that suit your boyfriend. All these activities will help to make your relationship stronger. The magic lies in the willingness and the effort you spend on strengthening your relationship.

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