Activities For Senior Citizens

There is no age to have fun. If you have crossed over from the younger years to your golden ones, you must make every effort to enjoy some fun activities. It is true that you may not have the same energy and vigor as before however, deep down you are the same person who enjoyed being in great company and doing great stuff, aren’t you?

As a senior, try and indulge in activities that suit your age as well as interests. The idea is to have fun. Don’t brood about your age and feel low. You will always be as old as you allow yourself to be. The best thing about indulging in interesting activities is that you will not have time to worry about how to kill time!

Activities for seniors can be divided into a few categories. These are outdoor activities, indoor activities and group activities. Before indulging in any physical activity, it is advised that you get an okay from your physician.

Activities for Senior Citizens

  • Outdoor activities
  1. Nature activities- Fishing, gardening, nature walks, trekking and hiking. Make sure that you have good equipment
  2. Outdoor games- If your physician has approved it, and you love to play sport, you can join a sport’s club or group that plays sport. You can hit the soccer or baseball field. Golf is another wonderful option for you.
  3. Gym activities- developing a gym routine can also be a wonderful activity at your age. Pump some weights, run a few miles and also socialize with other members. You can also use the sauna and spa facilities that are available in various gymnasiums. Make sure that your physician has cleared you for this activity.
  4. Photography- If you feel that you click some good pictures, go ahead and take some tips regarding photography from the internet. You can put these tips to use and if you love it, take a course. Photography is not the cumbersome hobby that it once was. The art of photography is all about growth as an artist. You get better as you practice!
  5. Picnics- Join a group for seniors and you guys can plan outdoor picnics together. Have a potluck where everyone fixes one dish. You can explore beautiful places around where you live.
  6. Water sports- Try to indulge in some water activities, if you are comfortable with them. You can go ahead and rent a kayak or join a group for rafting.
  7. Park activities- You can set a routine where you go out to meet new people at the local park. Here you can meet younger people as well as children. You can run a few miles and can also do some outdoor yoga.

These were some outdoor activities that you can indulge in. If you love to be indoors, you can go ahead and indulge in some interesting activities within the comfort of your home.

  1. Collage making- If you have a beautiful collection of pictures you can make a wonderful collage. Cut an attractive shape and fit your pictures into that shape. This activity helps you preserve beautiful memories and is a great way to pass time as well.
  2. Writing– If you think you have a flair for writing, you can start writing a diary based on your life experiences.  Most websites pay writers these days for article writing.  If you love to write, you might as well earn some money out of it!
  3. Dancing- Yes, you read right. I am talking about letting your body loose and dancing to some wonderfully rhythmic melodies. You can buy self-teaching DVDs, put them on and learn some groovy moves within your home.
  4. Study further-You may not have had a chance to pursue your desired study course while you were in school or college. Well, this is the time to do it then. Take a computer course or get a desired diploma.
  5. Pottery– If you have enough space in your home you can set up a potter’s wheel and indulge in creating some wonderful pieces of pottery.
  6. Lectures and university events Colleges and universities offer a wide range of events and services at very little or no cost. Community and Non-government organizations also host many free events and activities. Check the internet, newspaper listings, and neighborhood information centers for listings.
  7. Visit the libraryOne of the greatest resources in almost any community, the public library offers a rich collection of books and magazines, research and reference materials, and free Internet access. Your local library is a great place to find free entertainment and spend quality time.
  8. Ushering Many professional theaters, opera and sports teams use volunteer ushers to help stretch tight budgets. For passing out programs and helping the paying customers find their seats, you will receive free admission to the performance, an inside look at what happens before the curtain goes up, and the opportunity to provide hands-on support to a dynamic arts organization in your community. Who knows, you may even meet some celebrities!
  • Group activities:
  1. Home activity club– Join of a group that meets up for fun and frolic once in a week or maybe more frequently. You guys can organize lunches, dinners, card games or movie nights at your house.
  2. Book club– You can organize a book club for seniors. Talk to your friends and if they agree you can start a book club with them.
  3. Have a party– Organizing parties is another fun activity that you can indulge in. You can celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.
  4. Karaoke nights- Karaoke is great fun! You can buy karaoke equipment and organize karaoke parties at home. All your friends will love to take it easy and have a fun and music filled night.
  5. Go for wine tasting- Wine manufacturers keep organizing wine tasting tours in their vineyards. You can keep a tab on these events and attend them for a good experience of wine tasting as well as socializing.

As I mentioned earlier, your senior years are the golden years of your lives. What you need to consider is that at this stage of your life you can give time to yourself, entirely. You are free of responsibility towards work, children as well as spouses and you can have a really good time if you want to.