about usLet me start by saying the internet is full of wonderful tools and blogs like this one. A lot of these things can help you increase your knowledge perhaps your job or more. But just as easily as you can learn from them people read into them too much and decide to harm other peoples work for no apparent reason. Let it be known that is in no way the purpose of this blog.
A true user is one who strives to attain the answers for themselves through curiosity. Its the path we take to those answers that makes us true users not destruction of other peoples work. So with that said please enjoy my work as I have enjoyed writing it.

We all had to search all over for such type of information as provided here, so I added my experiences, stole a little here, borrowed a little there, and made up what I couldn’t find, to get it all in one place.

Hopefully, this will save everyone some time. If you find anything objectionable or illegal, then please contact me and I will remove it as soon as possible senyum

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