28 Creative Mac Wallpapers


I personally being a MAC lover, love to collect different wallpapers for my desktop.

So I went through different sources and collected 28 High Quality MAC Wallpapers.

Hope you like it.

If you have more wallpapers please feel free to share the links.


  1. Naeem says:

    der’s no preview buddy :(

  2. Bariski says:

    Which Preview you talking bout? :-/

  3. Print Envelopes says:

    These all look wonderful! The one that’s really striking for me is the 17th wallpaper design, I love it!

  4. Bariski says:

    Thanks for your reply friend. Glad you like them :)

  5. Poster Printing says:

    These all look really inspired! A variety of choices, some simple but really striking. Others are very bold and colorful. Definitely something for everyone. This is well-appreciated, thanks for sharing.

  6. Anonymous says:

    totally awesome I collect wallpapers like crazy to and this is always the kind of thing I am looking for wonderfull collection :D

  7. Anonymous says:

    thanks :)


  8. Web Designer In Bristol says:

    My favorite is the top one by far….

  9. sfondi says:

    Very nice collection, thank you for sharing.

    Here are some other:
    MacBook Pro
    Apple orange

  10. Bariski says:

    Thanks for your precious replies buddies :)

  11. alonzo says:

    Quite the collection you have there for decking out your pc or mac desktop. I initially thought this post would be for actual wallpapers for the iphone.

    all of them are awesome.

  12. LLRF says:

    superb wallpapers, a big thanks for it. I am looking for it. Nice wallpapers