Monthly Archive:: March 2009

Windows 7 Build 7070 Is Live (Leaked Screenshots)

More crumbs from the Windows 7 Release Candidate branch development are now available with the leaked screenshots for Build 7070. As Microsoft is making headway with the development of its next iteration of the Windows client and

Hide Any Drive In 3 Steps

Hello. Most of you must have wondered if there exists a way without using software to Hide A Drive completely so that it cannot be viewed or accessed without unlocking it. Well for those who have and

Remove The Hassle To Type Full URl/Address And AutoComplete URL

Hello. Here are few shortcut keys which will remove the hassle to type in the On new browsers, such as IE8 IE7 Firefox Opera Chrome and Safari, hitting Ctrl + Enter will automatically fill in

72 Awe-Inspiring Firefox Wallpapers (Small Resolution)

Hello. Though according to NSS Labs, Internet Explorer 8 Proved To Be Most Safest And Secure among all other out there but I will still stick to my Firefox more because I am a real fan of

8 Big Oh Fonts For PC-Mac

Are you looking for new interesting fonts? This is a list of my preferred Rare fonts I often use in my design projects. I included a link to download each font apart. I have also included a

How To Make A Profile In Firefox And Manage It

Hello. After getting a unexpected feedback onIncreasing Firefox Speed Today I am telling you How To Make A New Profile In Firefox And Manage It. You can have multiple Firefox profiles, each containing a separate set of

Internet Explorer 8 Proved To Be Safest And Most Secure

After the release of IE 8, the question now arises is about security? How secure is IE8 compared to other browsers like Firefox ,Chrome ,Opera or Appleā€™s Safari. Current trends show over 50% of malware infections occur

220+ Rare Google Logos

Hello. I was searching through the internet and found a really cool collection of Google Logos. This is a collection of over 220 different Google Logos, which they have used over past years from their existence. They