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Hello. As you can see that I am constantly trying to add different new things to make TutZone really wonderful for us. So I thought of keeping a track for my readers to know what’s new happening

130+ Computer Abbreviations or Acronyms

This is a big and very useful acronyms list. This list is also known by different names like Computer Acronyms, Computer Abbreviations, Computer Terms, Computer Slang, Computer Shortcuts, Computer Symbols, Computer Words, Computer Glossary, Computer Terminology, etc.

Rapidshare Search

This trick will help you search and find anything uploaded to[rs]. You can get direct links to download from rapidshare. Just search for any application, software, movies, videos, tv, games, ebooks, operating systems, windows, linux, etc.

Important Announcemet Please Read.

Hi all. First of all thanks for your great response towards this blog. Because of your love and kindness I have got a pretty decent alexa ranking keeping in mind that this is still a new blog.

How to make virtual floppy drive

Did you ever wondered if you could make Virtual Floppy drives, in the same way as you can make virtual CD or DVD drive? Yea it is possible. Just follow this simple tutorial and you will have

155+ Photoshop Tutorials Sites

This is a real huge collection of sites providing you with best and latest Photoshop Tutorials, mainly for Photoshop. Just search for the one you want and I am damn sure you will get it. This list

Replace Windows Search with this

I personally used it and it was indexing about half a million files, its fast after that, at finding stuff its instant! Compared to Windows search this is in another league. I probably won’t ever use Windows

Microsoft Windows 7 Leaked Here Screenshots Included

Wow, I just saw this and thought Id share November 2008 (Computerworld) Leaked copies of Windows 7 hit the Internet only hours after Microsoft Corp. handed out a preview build to developers last week, according to searches