2008 Best Photoshop Tutorials 100 Of Them

turn your image into statueSo finally the list is out. This post indexes 100 Photoshop tutorials you may find difficult to look using search engines. Whenever you search for a quality photoshop tutorial, you almost most of the time end up looking at a quick or non relevant tutorial, because they all label the same and label themselves as best. And thus your precious time is wasted when searching through all of them for a high quality tutorial.

But now your precious time is saved, a site named Photoshop lady has indexed all the 100 Top Most Photoshop Tutorials of year 2008. Few of them are shown below:

create a garden on the human headphoto to pencil sketchturn a image into a collage of polaroidscreating energy spheresage progressionturn a beauty into a zombiespecial spectrum design for cd coverexploding textcreate amazing photomontagesred gamble dice iconsmokin womensparkling hot girl in photoshop

Get all of them from here:
2008 Best Photoshop Tutorials 100 Of Them

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